Zero Energy Home
his Residence and Equestrian Barn is nestled in a forest of trees near a pristine mountain meadow where the "deer and the antelope play". The house and barn were designed and built in 2004 and 2005. The house was designed by Alice Starek. Bodhgaia Architecture, Inc. produced the architectural details and administered the construction. The 7,200 square foot house and the 4,500 square foot barn were built by Zero Energy, LLC. This residence encompasses all the essential parts of a sustainable living design that provides comfortable and environmentally friendly living.


High Insulation Value

  • 12" Cempo block wall construction
  • R-50+ building envelope

Heating System

  • Passive solar heating design
  • Tulikivi masonry Heater
  • Passive and Active solar in-floor heating system
  • Highly energy efficient "smart" home devices and controls

Cooling System

  • Geothermal fresh air exchange system
  • Heat recovery ventilation system


  • Low E, energy efficient Marvin windows and doors
  • Photo sensitive automatic window shade system

Passive Solar

  • Passive solar project design and engineering
  • Site orientation and feasibility studies
  • Passive air handling systems

Thermal Solar

  • Thermomax solar water heating system
  • Solar water heated outdoor spa

Solar Electric Power

  • Photovoltaic "off-grid" power system
  • Wind turbine "off-grid" water pumping system
  • Absolyte XL high capacity battery storage system
  • Cummins natural gas 35 Kw backup generator

Comfortable Living

  • Acoustically engineered sound control design
  • Bio-air filtering fresh air exchange system
  • Passive radon mitigation system

Lower Energy Bills

  • "Off grid" stand alone systems design
  • Computerized whole house energy management system
  • Low voltage lighting controls and devices

Increased Home Value

  • "Smart home" information technology systems
  • Telecom computer communication acquisition system
  • Class "A" fire rated building envelope
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Low home maintenance

Off grid home

Cempo built home

Arch created using Cempo


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