St Walaberga Benedictine Abby

The Abbey of St. Walburga is a small community of Benedictine contemplative nuns of the Roman Catholic Church.  Located in Northern Colorado, where the plains meet the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


A private “Self-Sustainable” 2000/acre ranch. We have been working on these completely self sufficient living facility expansions in phases for over 20 years. Phase four, a new High mountain Plains 2 story 20 room living quarters (cells) addition to the main Sanctuary. 



North West of Fort Collins, Colorado

Renewable Energy 

Photovoltaic net metering power systems.

General Contracting

12” RASTRA ICF wall systems installed from footings up to the roof


 R-50+ 4) hour Fire Rated structure

Phase IV, a new 20 Room addition added onto the existing Abbey complex, this is the fourth addition built with RASTRA ICF wall systems, a Self Sufficient Private Ranch operated by the resident Sisters.

Bell Tower

Project ICF