Caribou Ridge Community

A “Grid Zero” Mountain Sub-Division: Caribou Ridge Homes is a unique eco-friendly, green development located in the Rocky Mountains in Boulder County, just north of Nederland, Colorado. Developed by The Caribou Companies of Boulder, Colorado, the 35-lot community is spread out over 40 acres with sites selected based on their abilities to handle the impact of development.


Caribou Ridge Homes LLC is dedicated to creating mountain communities that respect the land they inhabit while providing our homeowners with elegant, comfortable homes suited to the environment and outfitted with the latest technology for green living. Embracing a preservation of the earth philosophy, we are committed to building custom homes that utilize the best environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, products and systems.



Nederland, Colorado


70/acre 40)lot


Luxury Custom Built Homes

Renewable Energy 

Solar Power Facilities, localized Battery back-up, Solar Thermal in-floor and DHW heating, HRV/ERV systems, Grey water irrigation systems, Recycled content “Green Built” locally sourced products, Zero Carbon Emissions,

The First of 40 Flagship Luxury Residences, located NW of Nederland Colorado, designed as a Self Sufficient subdivision with a centralized Photovoltaic Power Station. Each residence is designed utilizing Renewable Energy Stand-Alone practices throughout.

Lot #21 Deck

All products utlized are recycled content in nature, the flooring was harvested from old Salt Lake trellis beams sawn into planking, locally harvested Beetle Killed T&G cielings, Cultured countertops, E-Star appliances, Etc.



Lot #21

This is a photo shot of the SW deck overlooking Arapahoe Peaks. indicating the utilization of locally grown recycled exterior products, Beetle Killed wood Siding and Soffits, Re-Cycled Metal Siding and Roofing, IPE Decking, locally harvested field stone.

Concrete Fire Pit


Lot #21 Deck
Wind Power Turban
PV System

Localized Battery back-up Systems